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Detective Mark Phillip Herman, Jr. is a detective with the Kansas City Bendex Police Department. He is an occasional third-person narrator in The Darby Shaw Chronicles. As of Omission, he is a month shy of turning 40.

Biography Edit

Mark Phillip Herman Jr is the youngest of five[1], and the only son to Mark Sr and Marie Herman. Having four older sisters made him have to stick up for himself at an early age, despite the fact his sisters doted on him. He had a pleasant childhood, but learned the realities of being a police officer at an early age, considering his father was a senior detective in his early life.

Mark had a close relationship with his father, and looked up to him, deciding at a young age to follow in his father's footsteps and become a cop.

He met his best friend, Kevin Downey, in high school. The two joined the Marines together, where Kevin was a sniper, and Mark was an MP[2], which fulfilled a majority of his requirements for police academy. They both fulfilled four year enlistments, after which both returned to Kansas City and maintained their friendship.

Mark joined Kansas City Bendex immediately after finalizing the required courses from the Academy, at age 22. He had a short time in patrol, but quickly progressed into being a sergeant in the Robbery unit before making Detective at 26, and moving a year later to the homicide division. He worked briefly under his father, who was captain of homicide at the time. He also worked alongside, though not partnered with, Caleb Sherman.

Romantically, Mark has had a reputation up until his mid-30s of being a bit of a player. This waned drastically after meeting Darby Shaw and being partnered with her. He's had a few serious relationships over the years, one of which had him nearly move to California.

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References Edit

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